COAD Hockey Night Bus Trip/Tampa Lightning vs. Philadephia Flyers

To reserve your seats you must:
- Send cash or check via certified mail to the COAD office in the amount of $10* for each seat you wish to reserve, for up to two seats.  You may also deliver your deposit in person to the COAD office between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm, Tue-Fri.  Please include your phone number and email with your deposit.
- Once the seats are full an email will be sent to all members on this mailing list to inform them that any additional reservations that are received will be assigned to a stand-by list.  The list will be finalized one week before the game.  Any reservations not on the primary list will be returned to the member via US mail.
- Those individuals reserving seats must be dues paying COAD members.  Your guest does not need to be a COAD member.
Correctional Officers Association of Delaware
C/O Event Tickets
1243 College Park Drive
Dover, Delaware  19904
*NOTE*  Each member reserving a seat will have their entire deposit returned to them once the bus leaves the New Castle pick-up point.  Checks will not be cashed and will be returned the day of the event.


Rules and Restrictions:
-This event is open only to COAD members in good standing.
-Participants will be given a location and time for pick up locations in Smyrna and New Castle where they will be picked up by a chartered bus from Dawson Bus Service.
-Participants must ride the bus; no exceptions.  Anyone not riding the bus will not be given a ticket.
-Tickets will be given to participants, with their initial deposit once the bus leaves the New Castle pick-up point.  Members will not receive their tickets in advance.
-Parking fees will be paid by COAD.
-Tickets will only be given to the COAD member who reserved the seats; no substitutions.  Members may not give or sell these event seats to anyone else.
-Only the COAD member who reserved the seats and their guest(s) will be allowed on the bus.
-Bus company policy expressly prohibits the possession or consumption of alcohol on their buses.
-Members will be required to give their contact information to the event coordinators for safety reasons.
-After the event, the bus will depart no later than 45 minutes after the game.