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Correctional Officers Association of Delaware

Thank you for visiting the new COAD website. This site is an official union publication offering information to the COAD membership and the general public. Please bear with us as our website is still a work in progress and experiencing growing pains.

Important Dates

COAD monthly membership meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month except during the months of March, July, September and December.

COAD Scholarships

High School seniors, who are the children of Correctional Officers Association of Delaware members, may be eligible for one of five, $1,000, achievement-based scholarships.

Our Association

The Correctional Officers Association of Delaware, "COAD", is an employee organization within the meaning of 19 Del.C. §1302(i).


Planning a special event? Try the COAD banquet hall! Contact us for more information.


"You've done the job, that few can do
Your shift is at an end
Farewell my Brother, Rest in Peace
On you we could depend."


COAD Night Out

COAD will be hosting “COAD Night Out” as a way…

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18 Correctional Officers Complete Crisis Intervention Team Training

18 COs completed DOC’s latest Crisis Intervention Team Training, a…

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16 Officers Graduate from CEIT #253

COAD would like to congratulate 15 Correctional Officers and one…

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Super Bowl LVII Watch Party

COAD will be hosting a Super Bowl watch party for…

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COAD Union Officials Meet with Legislators

COAD Union President Brian Clarke and COAD Union Secretary Amos…

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NEW Design LE Plate

Delaware Law Enforcement License Plate

COAD provides its members access to the Delaware Law Enforcement license plate, also known as the Delaware "LE tag." Membership dues that are collected, will be utilized to for the funding of the George McClure III Memorial Scholarship Presented by COAD Fund.

The Delaware Law Enforcement license plate is available to any sworn (active or retired) law enforcement officer. This includes military law enforcement and Security Forces personnel.


COAD Challenge Coins

COAD has created new challenge coins. These challenge coins will be utilized for retirement plaques and are also availble for purchase to the members and general public. Coins are now availble for purchase at the COAD Union Hall. The cost of each coin is $10.


COAD Issues Memorial Challenge Coin

In memory of Sgt. Steven Floyd, COAD has issued a challenge coin with all proceeds going to the Sgt. Steven Floyd Memorial Fund. Distribution of the coins will only be by pick-up at the COAD Union Hall or through your institutional VP. Mail order distribution has yet to be determined. Coins are now availble for purchase at the COAD Union Hall. The cost of each coin is $10.